Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Liberia 

Randomized Controlled Trial funded by Welthungerhilfe and KfW Development Bank


In this project we evaluate the impact of three program interventions on people’s living conditions in three provinces in south-east Liberia: i) the agricultural program includes input distribution, seeds, and planting methods and aims to increase household incomes and food security, ii) the water, sanitation and hygiene program includes the installation of hand pumps, latrines, and hygiene education and aims to increase health outcomes, and iii) the women’s empowerment intervention includes women’s rights awareness campaigns and the establishment of support networks with the aim to strengthen women’s rights and decrease violence against women.

Pre-Analysis Plans

Assessing the mechanisms of gender empowerment using a cluster-randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Democratization by Accident: Does Development Aid Change Local Hierarchies?

Funding agency and program:
KfW Development Bank

Principal investigators:
Prof. Dr. Carlo Koos
Prof. Dr. Anselm Hager

Funding period:

Study areas:

Funding volume:
ca. 250,000 Euro