Welcome, I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Bergen. I am also affiliated with the Development Learning Lab, the WomanStats Project, and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies. Previously I was as humanitarian aid worker with Médecins Sans Frontières in South Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Swaziland and Uganda.

In my research I am interested in what shapes the social and political attitudes and behavior of individuals and groups in fragile and conflict-affected countries, mostly in Africa. For instance, why do people support violence against the state? How does exposure to terrorism affect social and political behavior? Do civil wars offer opportunities for women's empowerment? Among others, I am currently leading an ERC-funded research project on the micro-level effects of civil wars on women's empowerment. My work has been published or is forthcoming in journals including World Politics, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, World Development, the Journal of Peace Research and others.

I am also involved in applied impact evaluations for development and humanitarian organizations in the areas of women's empowerment, political accountability, water and sanitation and climate adaptation including UNICEF, UNHCR, the Welthungerhilfe, the KfW Development Bank, the World Bank, Oxfam and others.

You can contact me at carlo{dot}koos{at}uib{dot}no

2022 News:

17-18 November: Presentation of updated results from the Mali RCT from our "information, transparency and state-society interactions" project at the UNU-WIDER Conference on the Effectiveness of Development Cooperation

31 Aug-3 Sep: Alexander De Juan and I will present the wave 1 results of our "information, transparency and state-society interactions" project at the APSA conference in Montreal.

11 August: Our paper on the impact of a large-scale reconstruction program on political attitudes in DR Congo has been accepted for publication in the South African Journal of Economics. Spoiler: strengthening political legitimacy via foreign funded aid programs is not straightforward!

16-18 May: Richard Traunmüller and I will present our article on "Does Wartime Sexual Violence affect Social and Political Behavior?" at the UNU-WIDER conference The Puzzle of Peace in Helsinki.

14 February: Summer Lindsey's and my paper on wartime sexual violence, social stigmatization and humanitarian aid has been published online first in the Journal of Conflict Resolution

10 February: Richard Traunmüller and I published a new UNU-WIDER working paper on the "The social and political consequences of wartime sexual violence"

20 January: From March 2022, I will join the University of Bergen (Department of Administration and Organization Theory) as an Associate Professor of Political Science. I am very excited about this new position, look forward to meeting my new colleagues and students.

10 January: I received an ERC Starting Grant for my project titled "The Micro-Level Effects of Civil Wars on Multiple Dimensions of Women's Empowerment". I am grateful for the grant, the positive reviews and the support for an important and timely topic. Here's a featured version on the ERC website:

2021 News:

3 November: Summer Lindsey's and my paper on wartime sexual violence, social stigmatization and humanitarian aid has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Conflict Resolution

3 October: Two paper presentation at APSA on "Sexual Violence, Disclosure and Social Resilience: Survey Evidence from DRC" and "Trenches of Totalitarianism: World War I and the Rise of Fascism"

2 September: New article on conflict-related trauma published in Social Science & Medicine-Mental Health

24 August: Proposal Accepted for UNU-WIDER Project on Institutional Legacies of Violent Conflict

8 June: Paper presentation on the impact of aid on political perceptions in DR Congo at the Nordic Conference of Development Economics

16 March: New article on survey participation effects in conflict research published in Journal of Peace Research

14 April: Two papers/panels on war and nationalism and gender and war accepted at the American Political Science Association annual meeting

5 March: New working paper on the legacy of WW1 and nationalism in interwar Germany

5 January: MA course on the political economy of development aid at the University of Bergen